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Near the B&B

The bed and breakfast ‘L Ramassin is located in an enviable position in the region of Saluzzo where the wine Qugliano D.O.C. is made. An old wine with a fruity flavour, from a very old grape. The territory, that sourrounds us, offers a scenery rich of valleys and hills, located in the south-east of Piedmont and known as „low Piedmont“, close to the border of France and Liguria. Where you can find various, medieval villages with castles and fortesses and cities with parks and gardens. You have different possibilities close to the B&B, because not far away is Busca, a quiet city with a famous Institute for music.

It is full of romanic, medieval churches and buildings like the Church della Rossa, Porta Santa Maria and the very nice neogotical Castello del Roccolo. In just a few kms you can reach the splendid city Saluzzo, with a perfectly restored historical centre and with a very nice zone of the medieval jails, known as “La Castiglia” If you’re interested in culture, you’re at the right place.