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B&B 'L Ramassin di Busca (CN)

‘L Ramassin is a small structure almost entirely eco-sustainable, we have restored this old Piedmontese farmhouse doing all the finishing work, just to be able to take care of the maximum reuse of materials and the aesthetic and ecological impact. Many things and materials that you will find here are living a second time thanks to the restoration and reuse.

All this combined with new generation products such as solar panels for the production of hot water and photovoltaic for electricity are creating a positive environmental impact. The same care and attention goes to the cultivation of the garden and orchard, maybe fruits and vegetables will not look beautiful but the taste is fantastic! The hens will lay natural eggs used for cakes and omelets, the goats have an exclusive role of cleaning the forest …

and they work great. In short, if you want a quiet holiday, a bit retro, where you will be pampered and spoiled, you have found the right place … We’re waiting for you!